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Inflatable Tents supported by the world's most advanced Airbeam Technology

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Modular Military Tents, Rapid Deployment, Highly Resistant to Extreme Climates

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Large Event Tents, Easy Setup, Customizable for any Occasion

large airbeam structure for decon applications

Rapid Deployment Decontamination Systems Available for Individuals and Vehicles

very large airbeam structure

Extra Large Systems Available

inflation units single airbeam tent

Fully Integrated Trailer Units Available for Customization

Integrated Airbeam Shelter System

Fully Integrated ISO and ISU Units Available for Customization

integrated airbeam shelter system

3F SS-2020 System Complexed Together Utilizing Universal Connector

integrated airbeam shelter system with 3 tents

3F SS-2020 Systems Complexed End to End

aerial integrated inflatable tents supported by airbeams

Aerial Plan View of 3F SS-2020’s

inflatable airbeam structure

Small, Medium, and Large Domes Available

military tent integrated system

Basecamp Utilizing Mobile Single Pallet

military tent inflatable airbeam shelter

Single 3F SS-2020 Utilized as Command and Control

extreme climates antarctica airbeam pontoon

3F AirBeam Cargo Pontoons. Capable of carrying 75K LBS across 730 Miles of Rough Terrain


Multiple Generations of the CBPS Program

interior inflatable airbeam shelter system

Inside Emergency Hospital Ten Bed System

large airbeam supported shelter for military vehicles

Two Military D9 IED Sweeping Dozer’s Warehoused in Two 3F SS-4032 Systems

large tent with airbeam supports

Single Man Operated Cargo Door on 3F SS-4032

small inflatable tents supported by airbeams

Automatic Deploying Mobile Operation Shelter System

“The “Soft Shelters” provided by Federal Fabrics are impressive in their ability to self-inflate without sacrificing strength and resistance to deep snows, heavy rains, strong winds or even intense heat. Designed with the military in mind, the shelters are ready to meet the needs of first responders and evacuees needing protection from the elements.”


Chief Brian J. Pattullo, NERAC Council Chair: Andover Police Chief

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The Power of Simplicity

To operate 3F tent systems, simply  attach tent manifold into intelligent blower/compressor unit, flip the switch, stand back and watch as your tent inflates without the assistance of any operators. After a few minutes the tent is “under canopy” which will allow you to move on with your mission. When the structure arrives at full pressure, detach and store the inflation unit. These systems do not require constant air. For long term missions we recommend checking pressure every other month.

THE Most advanced airbeam systems in the world

Since 1991, Federal-Fabrics-Fibers, Inc. (3F) has been at the global forefront of advanced textile applications. Our patented 2&3D Shaped Woven technology (AirBeam) can be seen in a wide variety of military, federal, and commercial applications around the world. Including the semi permanent event tent at Carnegie Hall, supported by 3F’s proprietary airbeam technology.

Our 30,000 Sq. Ft. facility enables us to design, engineer, manufacture, and distribute all products from Lowell, MA to anywhere in the world. With solutions from Inflatable Military Tents to Inflatable Event Tents to Arctic Air Ride Cargo Pontoons to Inflatable Entertainment Structures, we are known as a dynamic resource to our customers for our total product solutions. Capable of manufacturing multiple systems daily, there is no requirement we can not meet.

3F Inflatable Tent Solutions For:

Airbeam Products

Soft Shelters
Award winning Airbeam innovation.

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Shelter System
Applied Research for Your Custom Project Needs.

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Invent, Design, Construct, and Maintain Proprietary Systems.

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30,000 Sq. Ft. of Airbeam Ingenuity.

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