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About Us

Welcome to Federal Fabrics-Fibers Inc., the world's most advanced manufactures of Air Beam structures. Our state of the art facility in Lowell, Massachusetts enables us to design, develop and manufacture unique woven and non woven products to the highest standards of the military and to the specifications of our customers worldwide. Our in-house laboratory, engineers, design center, machine shop and assembly plant allow us to create and deliver advanced products and solutions.

Federal Fabrics-Fibers, Inc. (Federal Fabrics) develops and manufactures an assortment of innovative products based on ingenuity in fabrics and fibers. Our knowledge and expertise includes:

We are known as a highly valuable and dynamic resource to our customers for our total products solutions. Our expert manufacturing process allows us to quickly generate products that continually meet and exceed customer expectations. We pride ourselves for being a major player in the research & development efforts of the US Military as well as in the private sector.